Violence/ Domestic Abuse

What is Violence/ Domestic abuse?

Violence is the use of physical power against somebody else that is intended to harm them, hurt them or to cause pain . Violence is not only physical but can be emotional abuse as well Violence is an action that makes others feel manipulated, hurt, scared and even humiliated.

There is an variety of different types of violence these include:

Physical violence- .The use of physical force, whether it injures someone or not. For example the different types of physical violence is shoving, pushing, restraining, torturing , biting, punching, kicking, burning, hurting. Physical violence also includes breaking possessions or damaging objects, using any kind of weapon  can count as domestic violence too.

Emotional/ verbal abuse- This type of violence can be the use of threats, put downs or intimidation. An example of verbal abuse is speaking to someone in a scary intimidating voice, as well as threatening to hurt or kill the person they are talking to or someone else. Verbal violence is also purposely used to make someone else feel really bad about themselves, for example giving intimidating looks to scare or intimidate someone, name calling and just saying horrible things about someone else.

Signs and symptoms

Domestic Violence has a variety of signs and symptoms that show that someone is being seriously abused. Below is a check list of the warning signs in an abusive relationship or just the warning signs of general warning signs. If you answer yes to most of these questions chances are you know someone who is suffering from Domestic Abuse or perhaps you are a abuse victim as well.




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