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This section of the website is here so that you are able to freely express your thoughts and feedback on this website. You can say whether this website was helpful or not or your could even suggest what I need to include in it .

You can  leave a comment under each topic when you scroll down the page and click on where it says “Leave a reply”. If you comment under a specific topic you have just read, feel free to leave a comment regarding to the information or the topic you have read. Also under this page please don’t hesitate to leave a general comment about the website overall.

To post your comment your email is required. Also your name is required too however if you do not want to put your name, just fill in the Name part as Anonymous. The last part which says Website( in the Comment section) does not need to be filled in.

Also take note that when you do comment only your name that you have entered will show up along with your comment, your email address does not appear when you comment so there is no need to worry about other people seeing your email address. I would really appreciate your feedback so It can help improve this website and make it better.

Thank you 🙂


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