Bipolar Disorder

What is an Bipolar Disorder?

Someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder (formerly known as manic depression) experiences swings in mood from periods of over-active, excited behavior known as mania to deep depression. Between these severe highs and lows can be stable times, everybody experiences mood shifts in daily life, but with bipolar disorder these  changes are extreme. 

Signs and Symptoms
Manic episodes 
Symptoms may include:
* Feeling euphoric (excessively “high”)
*Extreme irritability
*Talking very fast
*Racing thoughts
*Lack of concentration
*No sleep or very little sleep
*Feeling a sense of own importance 
*Poor judgement, trouble making decisions
*Risky behaviour
*Misusing drugs or alcohol.
* Aggressive behaviour, short temper.

Depressive Episodes
Symptoms may include: 
* Feeling hopeless
*Feeling empty emotionally
*Feeling guilty
*Feeling worthless
*Tired and exhausted all the time
* Having difficulty sleeping or sleeping to much. 
*Weight loss or gaining weight, changes in appetite. 
*Loss of interest in daily life.
*Lack of concentration
*Being forgetful
* Suicidal feelings. 

What can cause an Bipolar Disorder?
 Very little is known about the causes of an Bipolar disorder, although Bipolar Disorder can run in families which suggests a genetic link, however some people have no family history of having an Bipolar disorder in the family. Some research also suggests that Bipolar Disorder can be caused if there is an problem with the function of the nerves in the brain. However the most common cause of Bipolar Disorder is:

Stressful life events- Sometimes an Bipolar disorder can caused by stressful events that have occurred in someone’s life such as an relationship breakdown, career change (losing an job), money problems, losing someone dear to you etc…

Your Family background- An Bipolar Disorder can also be caused by severe emotional damage that they suffered from during their early years or during their childhood. The severe emotional damage usually includes physical  sexual or emotional abuse as well as grief, loss, trauma and neglect, they all contribute to scarring the persons mind who is affected.

Life problems- An Bipolar Disorder can also be easily caused by overwhelming problems that you face in daily life. Manic Episodes could be caused by unbearable depression .

What Can you do to help someone who has an Bipolar disorder?

Helping someone who has an Bipolar disorder can be really tough, its important that you don’t get fully immersed in their problems.Seeing someone you care for going through the symptoms of manic depression can be very distressing. It’s painful enough to be with someone who is in a deep depression, but during a manic phase they may not accept that there is anything unusual about their behavior, and they may become angry towards you.It is really important to  make sure you have support in coping with your own feelings. Give yourself time away from the person you are caring for, and ask friends and relatives for help. You may find counseling is helpful. Learning as much as possible about bipolar disorder can help you to cope better with your caring role Sometimes people with Bipolar disorder can experience suicidal feelings and thoughts, if they are feeling like this it may be a wise move to contact a support organization immediately. You can help them by supporting them through  their treatment and if all else failparticularly if the person is a risk to themselves or to other people, it may be necessary to seek compulsory admission to hospital, or even a mental Health Unit.

What Can you do to help yourself?

A good tip is to Learn about the Bipolar Disorder so you can familiarize yourself more with what it actually is, finding out about bipolar disorder develops skills  to recognize and control mood swings early, before they become full on. Or if you simply can’t cope anymore seek professional help such as Doctors, counselors etc and get the help you need.



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